Adding items with their properties to player inventory

Hi there,

Am I missing something or is it just not possible to add items with existing properties to a player’s inventory?

For example armor dyed a specific color, meat that is spoiled a bit, an axe that has some of its durability missing, attachments such as a scope on a rifle, etc. The only properties I can modify are ones on the Add New Item blueprint itself such as quantity and quality.

There are two Add New Item blueprints that I’ve found, one with a Target input pin of type Primal Item Reference, and one without the Target pin. What is this Target pin even for? Maybe specifying an item with an inventory to use rather than the Give to Inventory pin? Unless I’m doing it wrong then it doesn’t seem to be for adding the item linked to it to the inventory specified on the Give to Inventory pin but I think it would be really nice if there was actually such a thing.

I can use the Get Class blueprint and then cast it to PrimalItem Class and send that through the ItemArchetype pin on the Add New Item blueprint. However, when I do that it loses any extra properties from the item and I’m not sure how to set them. It would be nice if I didn’t have to set them and it just added the item to the inventory with them already set in the first place.

Also, another way to avoid that would be to include a Set Inventory Items method on the inventory component. It has a bunch of get methods with no set methods such as Get Inventory Items.