adding items to a new layer when they already belong to a layer doesn't work as expected.

Apologies if i’m wrong about this.

If i have items in my scene assigned to a layer and then i decide to move them to a new layer/ another layer, i have to remove them from the old layer they already belong. This seems like an incorrect behavior. I would assume once i’ve assigned the items to another layer they’re ONLY going to belong to that layer. If i’m wrong about this, please let me know. i’d love to have this changed, never seen a 3d program let me assign assets to multiple layers, it just makes things confusing.


In part, i agree. Sometimes i have ‘Ground’ layer with everything ground related. But then i have layers ‘Ground_Details’, ‘Ground_FX’ and so on. In this case it is practical to have items both ‘Ground’ and ‘Ground_Details’. But then, there are (quite frequent) situations where i want to assign item to one layer exclusively. Perhaps command ‘MoveToLayer’ could work similarly to ‘AddToLayer’ except it would assign item exclusively to that layer.