Adding Interaction tutorial video ray trace not working properly

Going off the “Adding Interation” video tutorial on Unreal Engine YouTube trying to do a ray trace from camera and for some reason my ray traces are originating from my camera but the target is what I would guess to be 0,0,0. I have no idea what is causing this, I have done everything exactly as in the video.

Any ideas on what’s going on and/or and to fix this?

Use get component/actor location on camera in stead of world location, that would help i guess.

Sorry, it’s not available on camera for some reason, looking for solution. Just checked your blueprint setup, it works fine for me.

I’m not a Blueprint pro, but from C++ experience I’d say you need to MULTIPLY the forward vector with 5000, not ADD it.

The new look of the Blueprint editor is definitely a step up from Kismet. However, I don’t find the math nodes to be readable enough, since the symbol in the back is covered by the pins and labels.

Oh, indeed, didn’t see that, thought it was multiplied…

Ah yes it worked, thank you very much.

My artistic mind is not designed for maths. And I missed the multiplication in the float.