Adding in new food items for Dinos

I’m glad to see the devs are working on making Taming more interesting and active, especially in the case of the herbivores, and it’s cool you added in the kibble system, I just think it’s very strange to require meat and eggs to feed herbivores, and on a side not have been running the server for 3 days since 186 came out and never seen a single carno egg that we need 25+ of to feed a level 90 trike…

FYI We have 7 carnos in a line with their butts lined up awaiting eggs, 72 hours and no egg, so let’s just go and say (7 carnos * 72 hours = 504 hours) 504 hours, and each day on our server is set to take 1 hour, so that’s effectively 504 days that a carno has not laid a single egg.

What i’m trying to do is add new food items for dinosaurs, creating a food like a berry that a dinosaur can consume while taming, for example a berry paste or wafer that is made entirely out of berries, that a dino can eat without force feeding it meat, or the murdered dino babies =p. This food would have a better affinity then mejo berries and would require active gameplay to make, instead of a egg lottery that we are currently losing.

I don’t believe that I should have to manually edit and manipulate every single herbivore blueprint to be able to eat this food, there are consumable and food tags in the code that I can set, but these seem to be ignored unless I add these items to the dinosettings_herbivore consumption list, I may be looking in the wrong place or trying the wrong method.

@Devs please add in Category types to consumable;

  • [Dino Food]
  • [Herbivore Food]
  • [Carnivore Food]
  • [Player Food]

Or if there is a way to add a custom food for taming, without manipulating every single dinosaurs dino_settings to manually use a new version inside the mod, that would be awesome information to spread, I was looking through the forums and haven’t found other people trying to add in custom foods for dinosaurs just yet, but they may have been hidden in different posts, so if someone else is working on it feel free to provide a link =]

All dinos look at a class to determine taming effectiveness. For example Rex_Character_BP references DinoSettings_Carnivore_Huge_Rex

If you change DinoSettings_Carnivore_Huge_Rex, you have to relink the new file to Rex, and then you have to relink the new Rex to the spawners, and the new spawners to the game files, and that only does 1 dinosaur…

Why would you take a wheel look at it, then throw it out to make a wheel exactly like it with a different size tread and attach it to your car? The food category system should be able to flag who eats it, and it’s nutritional value.

Edit. And all that would be undone this week when they bring out the new dinosaurs, and would need to be redone completely again.

found this post very interesting and informative. Thank you for sharing your special thoughts with us. I definitely share this with my peeps.