Adding health to an enemy inside of a class?

Hi everyone. I’m quite new to blurprints, and following a worksheet, I’ve gotten to the point where from the default fps project, I have the boxes inside the map held inside of their own blueprint that randomly spawns them across the map in different scales. I also have it so I can destroy them in one hit of the gun that adds to the score. I now have to figure out how to add health to all of these instances of boxes so that (based on their size) it will take more hits to destroy them. The problem is, I have my area that deals with projectiles and destroying the actor in one area, and I need to have the health inside of the Box BP.

The attached images show my projectile blueprint class, box BP and level BP. Can someone help me figure out an easy way of accessing the health and changing it when an actor has been hit. I’m guessing it would be done on the “break hit result” node, but can’t figure it out. Many thanks in advance!