Adding Ground Control Points Made Easy

 Quite a few control points added on this project, a tedious task.

We have finely measured targets as we would use for scanning and in fact this project was also scanned internally and externally using the same wall targets for registration.  We also have drone and high res ground photography.  Not an unusual situation I suspect.

As with scan registration software we could do with the chequerboard target recognition.  If not looking for targets within the whole project then at least when I click near to a target the software should recognise the pattern and self centre the point.  This reduces human error, increases accuracy and helps to determine if errors are alignment or target sourced.

I need the target list as at the top of the page to drag and drop onto the 2d images but to show this list I must have the left hand side control panel in 1d.  It would be a helpful if we could have the image list in 2d at the same time as the the target list being available.

From the icons I can tell which images have targets in and which don’t so I would be able to work through the list quickly dragging those applicable in sets of 4No into 2d viewing panes.

As it currently stands I have work from the list details opening every single image, and scroll all the way down, drag and drop the targets, remember the image numbers from the bottom left hand corner of the view panes (larger text would be useful here of at least the last 4 digits), then scroll all the way back up and drag the next 4 images onto the view panes.

If we could have icons and the control point list at the same time it would half the time for this task.

Even better would be to take a leaf from Photoscan’s book where after marking the targets on a few aligned images they appear on other related photos and just need a final tweak and confirmation.  That would be another half hour saved.


Hello Wayne, 

Please check this tutorial, where you can see multiple ways of placing control points. 
After you place couple of points you can use Suggest points tool that will suggest position of the rest of GCP. 
RealityCapture have as well possibility to generate and recognize Circular and Square - April Tag targets, that you could incorporate in your workflow. 

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