Adding Glow and Bloom to UMG

Hi guys , wanted to make my UI icons emissive and have some bloom
any ideas?
I tried the videos i could get on YT but they don’t really work for me

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The UMG is not attached to the main game renderer so those features are not available in the UMG. Think of the UMG as a 2D renderer with very limited features so it can be very fast. Now I have seen videos where people are rendering 3d models that include glow to a “render target” and then use those targets in the UMG. Or you can do these glows as a part of the 2d asset “image”. In one instance I wanted character portraits for the UMG and placed a 2d render target camera in the character pawn and use them to create 2d images for the UMG as it was quick and dirty. If those characters were glowing the image created would have contained that glow.

hey mate, did u find an answer?
i seek a way to make shining borders for icons

Yea i tried that , but it isnt as good looking.
I basically added the glow effect to the button to make it work but still finding a way to make it all in the engine itself. I came across a thread where they said to use UI Materials and assign that material to Outlines (here) but still not explained how to achieve it

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