Adding glasses / shades to MetaHuman

Is it possible to add glasses / shades to MetaHuman models? Any tips? Thanks : )

I added caps to my characters just by attaching the meshes to a socket or the head itself. Would that work for you?

Thanks! So, by outputting from MHC first and then doing this in Unreal? Or is there a way to import assets directly into MHC? Thanks a lot : )

There’s no way (at least at the moment) to upload into MHC. Just attach the mesh inside the blueprint to whatever you want to.

Thanks a lot for this. Is there a tutorial or step-by-step somewhere that you know of for attaching objects to meshes inside the UE4 blueprint? Thanks again : )

Well, you’re going to attach everything you want inside a blueprint actor just by dragging and dropping. In some cases you might want to attach to a socket.