Adding Gamepad Inputs to Widget by BP

Currently stuck trying to figure out a way to get the gamepad inputs in the project file and add them to this widget. Currently whenever the player switches to keyboard and mouse it detects it and changes the settings menu to reflect it. It works fine, but I cant seem to find a way to get all of the Gamepad controls to change the menu when a gamepad is used. Looks everywhere and cant seem to find a solution.

I’m a little confused by your question. Are you trying to get the gamepad to interact with the widget (like menu selection), or are you trying to detect gamepad input to change the look of certain widget elements (such as displaying ‘Use thumbstick to move player’ instead of “Use WASD to move player”)? And if it’s the second, how are you detecting that the player is using a keyboard and mouse?

Via a plugin that detects which device the player is using I can determine which controls to list. By doing this I can get all the mouse and keyboard inputs from the “input settings node” and list them and add them to the controls widget. My goal is to do the same for the gamepad controls, but the input settings node only gives mouse and keyboard inputs.

I’m not sure what you mean. I brought in the “Get Input Settings” node, and I can “Get Axis Mapping by Name” or “Get Action Mapping by Name”, both of which give arrays of key mappings. Looping through them, I can get all of the Key structures which can tell me whether or not the key “Is Gamepad Key” or “Is Keyboard Key”, as well as the display name of the key (which for gamepad is things like 'Face Button Top" and “Gamepad Left Thumbstick Y-Axis”).

Can you show how you’re going about doing that?

Looping through the Out Mappings is just a matter of a for each loop.