Adding Gamelift Client C++ SDK to UE4

I managed to get the ue4 gamelift plugin installed and i got a dedicated server setup and running as a fleet. I have now begun looking into setting up the client. I downloaded the AWS C++ SDK, i got it built, but i dont understand how i am supposed to add it to unreal engine 4? I also cant find any documentation on doing this. Am i missing something?

did u find any answer?

So with regards to adding the GameLift class of the AWS SDK to an Unreal Engine project, there are two ways that I know to go about that. So one approach is related to what you just mentioned. You can build the binary dll and lib files for the AWS SDK. After that, you can make a plugin that includes the header files from the gamelift and aws core libraries (as well as other libraries being used by your project), build files, as well as the binary files for each library from the AWS SDK that is used. Here is a plugin out there that has a structure that you can follow for how to go about this. Then, you can add the plugin to your project and start calling functions from the client SDK. I made a tutorial on adding an older version of the YetiTech plugin to a UE4 project a while ago that can be found here.

The only issue with this approach is that it involves directly embedding AWS credentials (access and secret access keys) into your Unreal Engine project. What AWS recommends is to use some kind of client service instead that calls functions from the AWS SDK instead of directly calling them from the UE4 client. For example, the client service could be in the form of an API hosted on Amazon’s API Gateway that calls AWS Lambda functions, and the client can make http requests to that API in order to communicate with GameLift and other AWS services. For this approach, I made a longer tutorial series that can be found here that goes over how to go about this in depth as well as other concepts related to GameLift, other AWS services, and multiplayer development in Unreal Engine.

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