Adding friction to rolling ball

I started out using the Rolling Ball template. By default, the ball has almost no friction and hardly slows down. How can I add friction to the ball so it will slowly come to a stop over time? I am implementing a launch/jumping feature, so I can’t really use Linear or Angular Damping because that will affect my jump path. I have tried tweaking the Physical Material’s friction setting, but that seems to have no effect. Is there another way to control it?

There is a angular/linear restitution(IIRC) setting for the ball component.


The name may be different, The setting is near the top of the list.

Which list is that under? I can’t seem to find it.

You need to select the mesh, then you can use the search feature of detail panel to find it.


I’ve searched that under every component I can think of but it returns nothing. It doesn’t appear under the static mesh, under the PhysicsBallBP under any component. Am I still looking in the wrong place?


It’s not HTH. Angular and linear restitution are in the physics category.

I assume that is the same thing as Linear and Angular Damping? In the beginning I had said I don’t believe I can use that, because that affects the ball when it is in the air. I am adding a jumping feature and those settings affect the ball’s travel in the air and I only want the friction to apply when rolling. As I’m typing this, I’m thinking if that is the only way, maybe I can set the damping to 0 when not in contact with anything, but if the ball is touching the floor, the damping is set higher?

And I also am now realizing that HTH must be a signature. I was confused and thinking that was some kind of abbreviation for the setting.

HTH stands for “Hope that helps”

I missed the part where you said you could not use damping.
You could use the Tick function(method) to dynamically change the damping based on the linear speed.