Adding FPS player to existing project

So i’m working on an fps like project but i started with a blank project, not fps (for some reason…) and the play mode only flies around.
I created a new fps project and migrated the starting point from that new level to mine. I managed to get it to be my spawn point, but now i can’t get it to move around or even move the camera angle. it just stands there staring at the wall.
I’ve been messing with options on the First Person Character but nothing gets it moving.
What am i missing? Can someone help me out please? Thanks!screenshots_1.jpg

In Content Browser, click on Add New green button in the top left. Then choose Add Feature Pack, and choose the template you want to add to your project. It will setup everything for you, all you have to do is to select the game type you want.

Make sure that you use the right axis input in the project settings -> open a fps template - take a screenshot of the settings - open your project and change the settings :slight_smile: