Adding force to a ball blueprint

I making an 8-pool game, I am trying to add force to the white (cue) ball just to see what will happen when it hits the other balls. But I can’t seem to figure out how to do that, I am going to post my blueprint script. Keep in mind I am new to this so I may have the wrong blueprint setup? I don’t know, I just want to add an impulse force to the ball. I looked everywhere but I found nothing. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance <3

Oh and I don’t know what the error means :frowning:

You have to retrieve the mesh you want to add force to.
This mesh must have physics box checked, to be able to add force, and apply torque.

Next the easiest way, is from your static mesh, to retrieve the forward vector, to multiply it by a factor (30,50,100) depending your force, it will waht you will connect at force pin to add force box.
connect your static mesh to target.

Accel change is depending if you add continue force or not, if it is just an impulse, just uncheck it.

Don’t forget to modify damping on static mesh (it is friction in fact :D)

ps: I think for your game, you will need to use add force at location, to precise to where on the ball you want to apply force. Add force, is often used on vehicule, because you just add force from behind to forward.

I tried what you said, the ball still didn’t move :confused: I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, here’s an updated blueprint. I screenshotted it on my dual monitor, so the image is zoomed out, just zoom in and scroll to see the entire thing.

Update: Just figured it out. Multiply the Get Forward Vector result by 9,000,000 and that will make it work. I don’t know why such a high number for a simply task. Anyway, that worked for me. cheers.

Do you modify correctly linear damping, and mass of your mesh? Maybe try to adjust this 2 parameters.
If you check the baccel box, mass will not be taken in account, so less force is needed…

You need to use “AddImpulse” for instant burst. AddForce like gas pedal you need to make it small but continuous.