Adding extra events to the engine

The current set of events I can call is leaving me with a dead end.

I’m constantly in situations where I’m thinking “huh, I could really do with an extra pin on apply damage” etc.

I also want to be able to trigger my own events across actors.

I’m not hugely code oriented, but I can grasp concepts.

Right now I’m trying to figure out if I can apply an event to another actor in the same way I might call an apply damage, and that actor would have an EventTakeDamage. For example, say in an RPG, I wanted to cast “blind” I want to be able to call teh “blind” function, and expose some variables on there, like duration.

Then in my monsters blueprint, I’d like to be able to Call that function as an event - OnEventBlind, or whatever, and specify the appropriate behaviour within the monsters blueprint.

I imagine I’d probably learn a fair bit but taking apart any of the functions already there, like damage etc, but I’d be stuck as to whether I’d have to modify other areas of the engine before making use of these events.

Just to clarify, I’m not looking to add a Custom Event, as that is only called within one blueprint - I’m talking about an event I can create that I can call in other classes.

Is this doable? Do I make sense? IS THERE LOVE IN OUTER SPACE?!