Adding enemies / basics / Will pay monies


I cant seem to find information on how to go about creating basic enemies that move. Been trying to make sense of what they did in the example content but even if i duplicate the blueprints my enemies just remain stationary.

I need an explanation of how to go about adding enemies.
Are they pawns… characters or ?

I’m willing to pay some monies to whomever has a paypal account and can explain to me how to go about adding normal enemies.
I’ve never used any unreal engine and even though there are loads of content there is no explanation on how to go about adding them, what they are, etc.

Been searching google and forums for days now. All im finding are tutorials that assume you know how to add basic enemies.

$50 should be able to buy some beer. Or Vegetables. Whatever you prefer.
I dont understand the basic concept behind adding them.

Nevermind. Found out i need to set the AI class in the blueprint defaults. :slight_smile: