Adding dino spawners?


I was wondering how you add dino spawners to The Center.
I can’t seem to find a way to add this anywhere:


I did managed to find blueprints of spawncontainers so I added what I needed, plus the dinos in the correct spawners. But when I tried to upload it wouldn’t let me select “Cook Game mod” so yeah. I just want to add Scorched Dinos to the Center Map as a mod for others to use =/

P.S I don’t mind tutorials on the matter, but I am deaf so any videos that does not contain correct subtitles, won’t do anything.

Open the primal game data and search for this -

Add the dino’s you want there
This array should make it 100% stackable. They said they fixed it in the 253 ADK update

Thank you very much for replying. But i am afraid you have to be a bit more specific. Do i just put the dinos in that you showed me in the npcspawnercontainer. Click complie. Save. Then cook as map extension with no other files than the npcspawnerconteriner?

That array allows you to add dino’s into the existing spawners. All you have to do is add your dino types and weights there. Like so - and cook it as a normal mod

thats what i have been doing. But the cook as a game mod is grayed out. I added the files from the generic mod folder and was able to cook but still didn’t work. Then i find out that it looks like the generic mod is set to work with theisland and i have no clue how to switch it to thecenter.

EDIT: Right so my phone didn’t show all of the text of the posts. What I meant is that the primal game data seems to be using TheIsland so they won’t spawn on TheCenter and I have no clue on how to change that. Plus I also tried adding the squid as well the jellyfish and those two are already in the primal game data file. Yet not showing up on TheCenter.
I tried using the generic test mod folder you get as a starter, but like I said above, it seems to think its on TheIsland.

This is a really good setup video here. Will show you how to setup your mod properly since it sounds like your missing a couple basic steps. I have never seen the “cook game mod” grayed out except for when it is in the middle of the cook so there must be something not set right.

Thanks for the video but I am deaf so I can’t hear the voice (if there is one)
However, I know the following.
PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod and GenericMod (level/map) are core mods. Edit PrimalGameData to default values and put in dinos spawns Under “The NPCSpawn Entires Container Addition” compile and save. Edit the GenericMod, remove the “TheIsland” under the “Force Load Map Name” Set Primal Game Data Override to “PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod” Compile and Save. Cook as Game Mod then upload.

My problem here is how to make the mod spawn these dinos on the The Center Map, I assume it will do so since I removed “TheIsland” from “Force Load Map Name” but I am not sure.

Also since the Squid and the Jellyfish are already in the PrimalGameData, how do I make those spawn in The Center once I found out how to make the mod spawn dinos on that map? I assume its by altering the spawn location as the jellyfish and the squid are using new spawners, so changing spawn location should fix that, or do they need to be place under “The NPCSpawn Entires Container Addition” as well even tho they are already there?

Center have a few extra specified spawners … click game in ADK, and search for spawners ( in the left search bracket ) … there you will see spawners that is special for Center and also those for Scorched Earth… you can use those spawners to add your dinos to specified areas in The Center.
But you still add them to The NPCSpawn Entires Container Addition section

So I add the dinos in the PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod and then create/copy a new BP with for example Lava_Upper_Spawn found under “NPCSpawn Entires Container” add in the dinos (again) like I did in the PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod?

yeah. You have to add them to each spawner you want them in… and adjust accordingly the spawnrate, change of spawn and such…

Lol think we both misunderstood each other, as I just understood what you meant in your first post XD So if I do that, they’ll show up on the center map? Even tho theisland and Center shares some spawners?

ahh … yes … they will spawn in the spawners they share. if you want extra that belongs only to specific maps, ie. lava spawns on center, you need to add them there too. But adding dinos to ie. snowgrassland will spawn on both maps yes. :smiley:

Haha alright xD I will test it out and then report back here as I’ll probably need help again xD

good luck mate!

Right. I added the squid and the jellyfish to the “The NPCSpawn Entires Container Addition” in the PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod, with spawn rates, spawn offset etc etc, and reset “App IDitems” as shown in the video as well as reset “Default Game Mode” so now it says “TestGameMode” (the ADK changed it to that when I reset it) I then open the GenericMod map and removed the “TheIsland” under the “Force Load Map Name” and Set Primal Game Data Override to “PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod” I then cook it as “Game Mode” and uploaded it, mod got updated, I went into my game and did a “DestroyWildDinos” waited for the freeze did a “getallstate Tusoteuthis_Character_BP_C” and “getallstate Cnidaria_Character_BP_C” and it showed me that none of them had spawned. I did a “getallstate” on a raptor and got information so I know the command works.

Yet they ain’t spawning at all. At this point I am getting so annoyed that I am tempted to just upload the file so people can see what I did wrong.
I have no clue what I am doing wrong, been looking at countless of tutorials but none of them covers what I am attempting to do on The Center.

When you created your dinos, did you make a fertilized egg for them to use as spawn?
did you added the fertilized egg you have used to primalgamedata? they should be added to Fertilized Additional Egg To Spawn

Do I need to do that for the Cnidaria and Tusoteuthis that are water dinos and none of them are dinos I have made myself? They spawn on TheIsland, but I want to spawn them on the center.

The creator of the Center Map hasn’t added them yet, so I wanted to till he gets time, plus it would be good practice for the scorched dinos.

Well the creator just added them to the Center XD So no need to make a mod for that now. However I would still like to add scorched dinos. Would I need their character blueprint in the same folder as the mod and then cook it or?
Aka what do I need in the mod folder for them to spawn, just the PrimalGameData_BP_GenericMod and the GenericMod?

Im also curious on exactly how this works and what the procedure would be to replace the Giga with a nerfed Giga that I made?

If you want to replace a dino use Remap NPCs
If you want to add a dino use the NPCSpawn Additions Container