Adding detail to Building corners

So im working on a scene at the moment & i am building it modular, while i was peiceing together my buildings i realised they look very bare on the corners.

Is there a way to give them a little more definition? or is it just because the scene is still fairly bare that it is standing out to me much more.
Thought i would ask to see people’s opinion because it really stood out to me for some reason that the corners just seemed bare.

I tried adding these corner parts but i do not think they look all that good.

The scene is still VERY WIP (I know the bridge has a hole).

Take a look at other games like Fortnite and see what they do for corners. Or just google brick corner detail and see that buildings actually use.

i mean i am using a street on google maps as a reference but like i say it just seems very bare, i guess yeah i will just look around.