Adding default drops to tamed dinos

I want to create “slaughter potion” that will kill dino and spawn items in its inventory that would normally appear when this dino would be wild and killed. So for example you use this potion on tamed allosaur and you get its brain from it.
I achieved dino killing - I just took healing potion and reversed numbers, but i have problem with second part. I dont have slightest idea on how to read dinos default drop tables, and how to add them to dino corpse. other solution to this topic would be “untaming” dino right before killing it, which would be even more generic. Any idea on how to achieve this? Please remember that im total newbie and its my first time ever playing with unreal editor.

Loot tables are set in the dino’s inventory component. For tamed dinos, the inventory component in called "Dino Tamed Inventory Component. " In that component, there is an array called “Dropped Item Template Override” You’re going to have to try to cast to that and add a custom one to that array when your dino consumes the potion, or when he dies.