Adding correct rotations down the IK chain

Dear UE4 community.

I am using FABRIK (and have used two bone IK in the past) to position and orient the hand bone to a given point. Now the positioning is perfectly fine all the way down the kinematic chain. But from all the options for both actions (FABRIK & Two Bone IK) there are only options to set the rotation of the end effector joint. For example in either IK system the rotation is only applied to the hand_R bone but doesn’t correctly adjudge the bones going down the chain.

Am I missing an option somewhere? Since like the positioning the IK system should handle rotations too. Adding transforms separately breaks the IK system and kinda goes against the point of either FABRIK or Two Bone IK.



You would have thought this would have been included in the Two Bone IK/FABRIK box? Adding rotations afterwards messes up the IK chain.