Adding content to the UE Example Content?

Hi Epic.

First off, i’m loving blueprints and the flexibility it provides to amateur coders like myself. Unreal engine finally gives me the chance to develop games in my own time that otherwise would not be possible. So thanks…

Secondly. Shane Caudle mentioned in the Tappy chicken live twitch stream a month or so back, that he had made a match 3, tower defence and other games in blueprints. Is there any plans to release these or add them to example content? I learnt a lot from breaking down the Tappy Chicken blueprint and to further my learning in UE4 it would help not only me, but i’m sure a lot of other beginners to the engine. The example content as a whole, has been great. Looking into the blueprints and watching the timeline live, helps translate that into my own projects or future needs.

Thanks for what you have all done!

Hi Larfinfool,

There is a lot of content that will be released over time through the Marketplace. There is no definitive time frame for specific content release. You can find the latest updates via and the Announcements section here on the forum.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the content. If you are looking for specific content that we’ve not talked about, listed on the Trello UE4 roadmap, or do not have clear documentation on please post here in the Feedback for Epic section and we’ll pass that information along! :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Thanks Tim, good to hear!

Hi Larfinfool,

Do you have any particular interests in regards to the Blueprint Content Examples? Anything in particular you would like to see?


I find the complete examples the best. It enables me to completely breakdown the blueprint and assess what does what. The pairs game and in particular tippy chicken was great at this. The great thing about the content examples was being able to grab a particular piece and look at its mechanics. I found that very useful when taking apart the melting, burning and heating spheres on the blueprint communication? < I could be wrong about that one.

I’ve not had a chance to break the Blackjack game apart yet, but I will do, I’m looking forward to more, in particular the match 3 and tower defence games that are rumoured to be coming along some time :wink: - if they were to be released I think it would help tremendously to cover a lot of the (mobile) quick time waster games that seem to be very popular at the moment. I’m well aware that ue4 is a AAA title engine, with massive capabilities, but we all have to start somewhere.

I’ve recently swapped over from unity to play around with ue4 but I’m still not at the stage yet where I am able to make a complete game, be it pong, etc, using just blueprints on my own from scratch.

I’m hoping to continue with my learning path using what you guys release along with the growing amount of tutorials to improve myself.

The answer to your question would, for me, to bring more complete games, or templates to play around in. Thanks