Adding content to source control (perforce) through unreal

Hello. Me and a friend are trying to collaborate on a project but are having a horrible time working with perforce. The main problem right now is if I create a asset, say an .fbx file and import it into the engine, the engine makes a .uasset file and it marks it to be added to source control. When I submit I can see in p4v that the .uasset has been uploaded to the depot but the .fbx model that the .uasset represents isn’t added alongside it. I have to either manually submit a change list through p4v which not only adds the assets but also a load of other stuff with the engine that isn’t content which ends up being a large submit, which ends up taking a while for my friend to download the latest revision.

Almost all of the documentation on source control is so vague and only shows the very basics, so how do we share this content?