Adding constrain into UE4 Mannequinn -ART maya2017

Hello i’m having some issues in maya trying to constrain one cylinder i would like to use a sword in the future but a cylinder to create the animations for now will be ok.
maybe this quesiton is meant to be made at maya forum but i’m sure someone here can help me since i’m talking about the manequinn from unreal 4 :smiley: maybe someone already parented the weapon on the hand to make some animations.

my intention was to do RightWrist as Leader parent, then cylinder as parent of the left wrist. like this i can move the left hand freely in case i need to separate it from the sword(cylinder in this case)

in this video you can see it got parented but its not working fine as i would like and i dont know how to UNPARENT now. i dont even see anyreference on the outliner. if someone can give me a hand?

thanks in advance!