Adding clothes to mesh or socket clothes?

Wanted to keep all the animations I had set up. And don’t plan on having different equipment. Is there an easy quick way to export the Ue4 mesh and add clothing/remove the mesh underneath and retarget it inside the engine?

Figured this would remove the extra poly and stuff for a mobile at same time.
And allow me to add in a face etc.

Would it be better to just create the mesh clothing and socket it to the character?

The problem is, if you don’t attach it to the character and you don’t rig the clothes with it, the animations will probably break, so you should animate with different clothes and re-rig it like a different character, the best part is you can use the same skeleton and you won’t have to re-rig too much. As I know, this is the best option, otherwise meaby the animation breaks or it will be odd

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I think that’s the exact problem I ended up with. I figured logically since there would be no clothing changes a single mesh would work fine. I exported the ue4 character into blender and drew the clothes on him. It’s not great but, for the view distance and consideration that it will be mobile (small screen) it is more than fine.
Figured I could work on the final details after everything else was in place (hands/face, materials)

Tossed on some plain colored place holding materials (photo is it with that rendered)

Brought it into unreal and applied the skeleton. Only things that moved with animations were the hands and face (which as you can see are still original to the mesh)
Also weird. Several items are just the mirror tool…Like each arm of the duster, things I did to the feet. Yet for some reason the mirror of the pants leg doesnt appear. Only the pants leg I made.
Guess I need to learn how to rerig it all now (something I was going have to do eventually. Was just hoping to have a new mesh in there for now, and play with making the cloak wave like cloth)

You can rig the cloak to move with the legs and inside your blueprint you can adjust the ratio of the influence between rig and Cloth. With a very low backstop in the clothing tool it should work


I’m going to have to do some tutorials on rigging…
I really thought I would be able to just export…draw over…and re-import.
Figured all the skeleton would be the same, and still attached to everything. But seems like a no. To many changes and such.

Looking at the cloth tutorial looked easy enough (but the tutorial always does…ugh) basically paint they portion that’s cloth and it acts like cloth…yay

But I havent ever made my own character mesh. So I have to go learn the rigging stuff now…and all that. I was really hoping to skip much of it as i didnt want to deal with so many bones, or trying to get them all line up right again. Seems like it would be a big mess since the UE4 skeleton has so many.