Adding Clothes to an UE4 game

I would want to pop in a question because I don’t have any experience in modding or using UE4. But I would wanna ask a question about if anyone could add in clothes to an already Steam released UE4 game.

There’s this game that I’ve been speedrunning for the past one and a half years, Remothered: Tormented Fathers, and one of the enemies of the game is an old man who’s wearing nothing but an apron, rubber boots and gloves, with a sickle as a weapon.

I would want to ask if there’s any way on adding some clothes to the character as I would want it to be deemed “marathon-friendly” if I ever want to showcase this game into a speedrun marathon. Like I said I have no experience with these kinds of engine, but I would want to raise the question so I could get a better understanding on whether or not it’s possible to do so.