Adding cloth to a mesh using only Blender and UE4?

Here’s an actual example of a test I’m attempting. I have a small dagger, and I want to add a bit of cloth to the pommel that will flow around while swinging the dagger, or walking around. I have the dagger completely finished in terms of making the mesh, UV unwrapping etc, it’s even textured. It does not however have bones. I’ve been importing it as a static mesh.

From various videos, I am pretty sure I need to have bones and a physics asset, therefore needing a skeletal mesh, I just need confirmation. That would mean needing a skeletal mesh for even something like a fruit stand with a tarp over it or something. I actually imported the dagger as a skeletal mesh and messed with cloth paint, but it didn’t have any effect, I’m assuming since it lacks bones or physics asset for directions.

So, do I need to make anything that will have cloth physics a skeletal mesh, and will that allow me to select the different components as long as they’re applied to bones? And can I do this by just modeling and rigging in Blender and then using clothpaint in UE4? Thanks.

If it allowed you to use the cloth paint on the object you might just need to turn down the stiffness and make sure its applied to the material as well. Also look into the collision properties and see If the piece of cloth is inside the collision capsule, you might want to shrink it down.

Otherwise yes, you should be able to create a basic bone structure in blender then use the UE4 cloth paint to do so, or even the Nvidia APEX PhysX tool.

Okay so I guess my next hurdle is to learn how to actually make bone structures and whatnot. Doing so, I should be able to select specifically the parts of the cloth… I think. Thanks.

I still have no idea how to select just one portion of the mesh to make cloth physics, even after adding bones. I need help still.

UE4 Cloth Tutorial #2 - Blender to UE4.16 workflow - a simple flag in Unreal Engine - YouTube this video explains it pretty well, I was pretty misguided in thinking it had anything to do with bones. All I had to do was give the cloth part a material in Blender so when I export it there are 2 material selections in the skeletal mesh, allowing me to select ONLY the cloth and edit it. Also I didn’t know I had to make the clothing asset and then also click on the cloth again to apply it.

Okay here’s a new problem, applying the material I made for the dagger onto the skeletal mesh appears to make it only use the base color, it doesn’t have the normal map or metalness/roughness applied, even though I chose the exact same material. I really don’t understand.