Adding childs to uniform gridpannel


i try to make a inventory and adding the inventory cells via blueprint script.

I cecked the ‘is variable’ on my uniform grid pannel. The name is ‘Inventory GridPanel’. Cells are my grid cells that i try to add to the grid pannel. Here are my script. Did i miss something?


if i got your problem right, cells doesn’t appear in uniform grid, right? if so then i don’t see on this blueprint how you fill your Cell array with elements and at this point i can expect array get resized anyway, but array won’t contain no items

Also if you want just make sizable inventory, you probably need to make separate widget and call it like “inventory slot template”, inside it you have to place everything to represent 1 inventory slot, next on your blueprint from screenshot you have to create as many widges “inventory slot template” as many slots you need and then add as child to uniform grid, then it would work because i helped friend make sizable inventory and it worked fine