Adding/changing buffs for armors?

I would like to edit several effects added to armors, but I have no idea where to start here. I’ve looked through the armor blueprint files and found associated buff files, but I haven’t manage to figure out how they connect. Double confusing is, it seems that a different method is used for different armors (at least the hazard suit buff seems different).

My goal is to add radiation resistance to Tek armor and aberration spore resistance to the gas mask. I’ll keep poking around the files, but any guidance would be much appreciated.

If you set the buff in the armor’s defaults it will automatically be added when equipped. If you are wanting to add particle effects, then in that buff there is a ‘defaults’ variable where you can set a particle effect.

Thanks, I think I got what I wanted in. Using “Active Prevents Buff Classes” in defaults.

It’s a little unclear how some buffs are added (or how a buff prevents another effect) when they don’t all use the same mechanics. I can use reference viewer on a buff and see connections, but I can read through the entire defaults section and not see how they are connected. Figuring out how buffs track to see if an entire armor set is being worn is a mystery also. Not critical as I did what I set out to do, I just like knowing how things work.