Adding cameras- which method to use

Hi guys. When creating your Cut Scenes there are 2 ways to add your cameras.

  1. Add them to your Scene first and then add them to your Shot Sequence
  2. Add them directly from your Shot Sequence using the ‘Create a new Camera …’ icon
    Which approach do you use and why?

If you add them (CineCamera) to the scene first and then add them to the sequence then they will be posable. If you use the Camera button it will be a Spawnable camera.

You can convert from one to another and they have the same feature set (lens, focus, etc)

I usually use spawnable cameras so will be generated for the sequence but will only be in the level when in that playback range.

Anything that is posable remains in the level. So use that for things like characters. But when you have set a number of cameras to cover a full series of shots then by default they clutter up and will be visible while working. You’ll have to control-G to hide them.

One overlooked thing is the edit modes makes it possible to make level changes only for a specific level.