Adding buff on skin application

Hello, I am looking for some help adding a temporary buff upon application of a skin
I have created a backpack skin that I have set up to be applied to an equipped chest item.
I would like to increase the carry weight capacity of the character the skin is applied to, and have the buff be removed when the skin is removed.
I have tried using the Buff to Give Owner Character to give various buffs to see how they work, ie: buff_swamp fever, but the buffs never seem to apply.

On a different note, but related, I would like the chest item to remain visible after the skin is applied

If anyone has an ideas/advice on this I would be very grateful to receive them.

Thus far I have attempted to emulate the setup of the Scuba Tank buff and applied it to my skin, however the buff is not present when the skin is used, perhaps I am missing something in my graph. Here’s where I am so far. backpack.png

the events seem to be wrong. you would want to get the event drag onto item. then modify that item’s event equipped and unequipped to set the buffs. finally you would want the event drag off item, to rewrite the item’s equipped and unequipped to be nothing. Another event to consider is if the item is broken (and if its a underwater buff theres ways to get if the player is at the top of water or is swimming, which would tell you to equipped the buff)

the problem is that the skin is intended to work with all chest pieces, modifying their graphs would make this a dirty mod wouldn’t it?
I see an event for applying a skin to an item, but I have yet to get it to work.

For anyone that stumbles upon this looking for a solution, the item “Use blueprint equipped notifications” needs to be checked for the buffs to work