adding blur to rotating mesh propellor


i got rotating propellor using matinee (while i hold gamepad trigger). the problem is, while it rotates i want to add blur to rotation and i have no idea how. can someone please guide me step by step - i am a noob concerning ue4.
thank you

Grab the Platformer sample which has a helicopter that uses a rotating propeller material.

You might want to try adding motion lines inside the mesh, or a separe mesh for that inside the propellers’s rotaing. Say if rotaing it’s visible, if not it’s invisible. If done right it shouldnt add too much gto the polygon count. When I was working on my comic I ended up using 3d props for motion and other effects because post op just wasn’t going ehat I wanted. Came out pretty good. Look at insanityofxade com. Yes, that is 3d with a shader. Sadly, I had to quit cause the program ate my files. I’ve been thinking about trying out unreal to make my new comic, Lunacy of Xade once I finish off my book and get this cute little game idea I have been sitting on while I wait on the technology to be available to me in order to make it. I think that day has finally come with unrealengine so I’ll probably be a rather active member of the comunity. I have the skills to model and write so who knows. :slight_smile: