Adding blinking animation to my character

I’m wondering if there is a better way of adding blinking to my character than simply having it animated by hand in every animation file I use. Is there any automated feature, which allows me to use only one animation file (character in T-pose blinking for a couple of frames) and implement it to any other existing animation, so that my character could blink indefinitely no matter the state it’s in?

I use a Sub Anim Instance for this with my characters - you still have to plug it into the anim bp but you don’t have to recreate the animation everytime…nce/index.html

I’ve never heard of this feature. Are there any tutorials or documentation, which includes more examples of how to use Sub Anim Instance? The link you provided isn’t clear enough for me and I couldn’t find anything on Youtube.

I don’t know if there are any other tutorials for this - but basically you’d create an animation blueprint for the characters blinking (which ours are morph targets) and then add that as a sub anim bp to your main animation blueprint that controls the movement and whatever (Step 9 of the previously posted link)

if you don’t get what you need from that then I can make a video

If that’s not a problem for you, I would really appreciate a video walkthrough.

Turns out I misremembered - I used Sub AnimBPs to scale bones - and I added this block to the Character Blueprint to make him blink constantly - this is on the Event Begin Play

To add… if your blinking is an actual animation - you can still use the Sub Anim BP idea - but ours was a morph target and not an actual animation… if you still need the video I can make it - but your blinking would have to be an animation :slight_smile:

I see now. I will experiment with both methods and see which one is quicker for me. Many thanks to you, GeeksGoneBad!