Adding Awesomium

Quick Question, Do I want to add Awesomium to the Editor or to the Game Source Code itself?

[06:31] <@Bob_Gneu> an interesting approach to asking a question on a forum
[06:31] <SolidSnake> Bob_Gneu: There is no Awesomium 64-bit
[06:31] <SolidSnake> So it’s hard to test stuff in the Editor
[06:31] <SolidSnake> It’s fine in game if you run it 32 bit
[06:31] <@Bob_Gneu> sure, but that wasnt the question.
[06:32] <SolidSnake> Oh
[06:32] <@Bob_Gneu> =)

Lol Defiantly not the question, the question was how to add it, The funny thing is, once I figure out how to add it, I may not even use it, I may go with something else.

You add it by grabbing the DLLs and linking them in. I documented the process of linking V8 into UE4, and the details of it, save the library names and getting your hands on V8, are going to be virtually identical for you to link in Awesomium.

I know this because i started down that road myself.
There is a project already in motion that links CoherentUI into UE4.

Exactly what Bob_Gneu said.

I’ll happily provide the CoherentUI plugin in all its rough glory once I’ve had the chance to port it from the beta build to the public.

@Bob_Gneu - Don’t think I ever thanked you for all the questions/answers on the beta UDN.
So, thank you!
Its how I managed to get the plugin side of it working.

I just finished porting the notes i pulled together on the beta over to something resembling truth on the wiki. You can now Link a static library to UE4 =)

I am not sure if they have fixed the build system yet, but hopefully.

I think you mistyped my name, unless there is a swamp thing of me stomping around and mashing faces up

This mean you’re on the UE4 public build now?

On topic - is there a 64bit version of Awesomium yet?

I don’t believe so. I’ve integrated Awesomium for UE3 in the past and I do check every now and then but thus far, everybody is asking for it but nothing has been seen.

=\ I havent been approved yet, (hence the comment about something resembling truth, leaving space for the API to have changed). Soon I hope =\ Others and folks brought on after me have been approved, so maybe its in the order of more important than me first?

The guys at Awesomium have been asked for a 64 bit build for a long time, and have yet to deliver. They may be working on it, but questions go back at least two years of people begging them for a 64 bit release.

Their answer → JUST RUN IT AS 32 BIT JEEEZE???

Chromium doesn’t support 64-bit, however I know Coherent gets around this by running the host as 32-bit and the game library as 64-bit.

Wow Thank you all for the Response, Soo V8 is that better than these others, and how much does Coherent cost? I’m kinda on a very limited budget :wink:

I don’t know the exact price of Coherent for Unreal Engine 4, but for Unity3D it started at $150 and went up as you added features.

I’ve used them in a few projects now, and have always been impressed with their support and constant flow of updates.

V8 is not a UI library, it is a JavaScript VM/Engine that I am linking into UE4.