adding attachments to weapons

so i maded some new attachments but when i put them on the weapons they do not following the weapons movements instead tehy are just stucked in the air so do i need to make a new skeletal mesh with my attachments on them before it works?

Since it seems you already have your attachment showing up I’m going to assume you have your 2 weapon templates set up, one for the normal weapon and another with the attachment on the weapon. If it’s the same issue I was having you need to go to the components section of the template with the attachment. You should have both a first and third person static mesh component which is your attachment model. Under Details you want to set the Parent Socket to whichever socket on the weapon your adding your attachment to. Hope that helps ya!

that worked and do you know how to add an event for turning on and off the flashlight and laserbeam

i tryed out this a543dd1123e68e574f703c22b6b3b3e519b7cb5a.jpeg but is not seem like it fires it op

flip flop also not seems to work

Glad that bit worked for ya, unfortunately for your next part, I do not know. I’d say check the blueprint for the flashlight that is already ingame, but like most other blueprints I’m sure there’s nothing in it so you can’t tell how they set up the function in the first place. That’s a big problem I’ve been having myself. What I would try, since a flashlight is already ingame, is using their blueprint by copying the weapon templates that use it. You should have your weapon template for the weapon without an attachment, let’s say OneShotRifle. Then you have another weapon template for the weapon with the attachment OneShotRifleFlashlight. If you were to copy said files and then just switch the meshes so that your weapon shows instead of the original, I’ve found that functionality of the attachment sometimes remains.

but it seems like it dont work when you have both laser and flashlight on them so think the function is need to be maded to both the laser and flashlight but as for my mod i have a tactical laser/light which have both of them build in so it could be nice to set up a 2 keys to turning them on/off