Adding assets from marketplace to existing project?

Everytime i try to add an asset from marketplace it just creates a new project what am i doing wrong?
i never had this issue in unity.

the asset i try to add is Supergrid, maybe it’s not even possible?

i may sound like an idiot but im kinda new to the engine so i don’t know how everything works.

Mostly the assets on the marketplace are projects, so you have to migrate the things into your own one -> :slight_smile:

Yeah, SuperGrid is a full-fledged project, thus you can’t “Add to the project”, but Launcher is a little bit bugged now and offer to add to the project, rather than offer to create project.
It’s covered in FAQ

oooh i was confused when supergrid said “add to project”
so basicly i have the migrate the meshes and textures from supergrid to my own project, thank you guys!

your asset really is very cool zeOrb!

i never bought full projects when i used unity, now when i couldn’t just import it gave me a headache:P

Thanks Speiderful! :slight_smile:

Indeed! I hope this feature will be implemented by Marketplace team at some point, because empty space is just asking for this :stuck_out_tongue: