Adding Animations to Model

Hello everybody!

I’m a filmmaker diving into the world of Unreal. I’ve played recently with the sequencer and I would say that I’m pretty familiar with it at the moment. But the more complex my videos get I bump into questions and I hope that you can help me with it.

  1. I’ve bought a Character and some animations and I wondered how I can tell the engine that I want to use the animations with the character. When I tried Mixamo I could drag and drop them into the timeline. This time its both from the marketplace and when I put the animations into the timeline he uses the mannequin. It’s both rigged to the Epic Skeleton.
  2. How can I add weapons to the characters. I guess via the Blueprints? But not quite sure yet.

All the best

1 - if you add an animation track to something, the dropdown will show you all available animation clips you can use, just pick the one you want to use

2- you can use attach tracks to parent a object to a bone or a socket