Adding animations to a car (speed state machine) that was built on the base car set-up. Need Help

OK, so I opened the base car map and replaced the car with my own.

Everything works great so far. (Physics, tire rotation and turning, player controls, etc…)

But I also want the car to vibrate, I wanted a state machine as seen in the 3rd person video tutorial.

So I have set the state machine up. If I hook the wheel handler to the final anim pose it works, if I hook the state machine to the final pose it works.

How can I get them to BOTH work together? Help is much appreciated.

Well, I don’t know if it’s the best way but it’s working, and it seems to be working pretty good.

I decided to just export my wheel meshes with my rig. I used that as the car base, controllable entity.

I then exported the rigged vehicle and animations without wheels. I made a state machine and blendspace with that. Then made a skeletal mesh component to spawn the car cabin on the wheels.

Made it easy to copy blueprints over and make a second vehicle off of that base.

Still need to figure out how to make the controls (speed) on the wheel base affect the animations on the car top. (rattling, door opening, etc…)