Adding Animation to existing Third person blueprint does not work

I am importing the AnimStarter pack to an existing third person bluperint template. The problem is that it seems that you can’t add new animations to the existing character controlled by the 3rd person animation asset. For example if you copy an animation to the folder where the rest of the animations are, and you put a Play Animation node, it will not show the correct animation. The only way I could seem to work is when I select the ThirdPersonCharacter in the World outliner, and change the Skeletal Mesh from one SK_Mannequin to another SK_Mannequin that appears there, it has the exact same name. The problem then is that your new animation will work, and the existing animations that worked for the default third person character will no longer work, unless you switch the mesh field back to the other SK_Mannequin. Can someone help out here? I’ve exhaustively searched to find out what the problem is but have found nothing.

Check out this link, it show’s how to import a character, skeletal mesh and animations into UE4 along with detailed step-by-step on how to create an animation blueprint. This goes over everything you need to know about importing custom animations and models and skeletal meshes. It sounds to me that the animations that you have imported are bound to a specific skeletal mesh and you need to change the default skeletal mesh from one of the animations, to the other skeletal mesh. I’m not sure exactly how to do this, but maybe knowing this, you can refine your google searches. (If of course the link provided doesn’t help)

This video explains it: