Adding animation to BlendSpace makes Mesh disappear

Hello All,

So I am trying to just get my basic mesh to go from ‘idle’ to ‘walking’ on a simple world. I created the mesh & animations in blender (2.74). I have been using tutorials I found on youtube (Massive UE4 Tutorial Playlist - YouTube) to run through it.

Now, when I click ‘play’ my mesh disappears. I then noticed that when I am in my ‘Character Blueprint’ (viewport) screen, I can see my character. That is, until I tried to add an Animation. I added my Animation Blueprint and my mesh disappeared.

So then I went into my Animation Blueprint and removed all my animations from my BlendSpace (Just 2 animations). My mesh reappeared. So, as I add 1 of the 2 animations back into the BlendSpace, and the mesh disappears again.

Any ideas on why this may be happening would be extremely useful. I am fairly new to UE4, so please let me know if I am lacking any critical details that may help.

Thank you

It is very hard to say why it happens before seeing anything.

  1. Does Animations look proper before adding to BlendSpace, is the mesh standing on 0.0.0 coordinates?

  2. If 1 is Yes, can you check if there is any problem when you put them on Blendspace? Do they blend nicely?

  3. Are you sure you are using the corrent Anim Blueprint and Skeletal Mesh?

  4. If all is looking fine, start the game and Eject yourself from the game. This will let you free roam. Find your mesh and check where it is. Even if it is invisible, you can see it from the list at top right corner as an actor.

  5. Show some screenshots of your Anim Blueprint and Player Blueprint so we can check if everything is alright aswell. Add screenshots of your animations and blendspace aswell.

Also try making a video of your problem, this one is optional though.

While at it, check your output log aswell, maybe you are getting some kind of error or warning while playing.

UPDATE: It looks like the guy is just getting really small when he animates. So I magnified the model by 100x. He is now REALLY Large and the animation is the correct size. However, when I stop moving, he gets really big again.

Figured it out. My animations were imported really small (scale wise). I reimported and they work! Thanks a ton for your help.

Why does everyone want blending in their animations. I just want to learn the animating, I don’t care about smooth transitions between each one. Does anyone know of tutorials that don’t spend 90% explaining blending? youre welcome :slight_smile:

hey, im having the exact same problem, mesh dissapears when i try to make a blendspace. how are you scaling the animation up 100x? i see the part in the animation that says “transform uniform scale” but when i type 100 in its not doing anything