Adding and Removing buttons depending on....

Yep there are a lot of tutorials.

Although not exactly relevant to your specific case my favorite widget tutorial by far is:

It has all basic concepts explained and some things that I never thought about :wink:


So I am trying to make a somewhat automatic menu. I’ll list the things in my menu and then what i would like each one to do.

I have:
4 Buttons named Platform 1,2,3,4
Platforms button (To show the 4 platform buttons)
Exit Vehicle button (Will be removed soon to an object inside car)
Back button

When referring to a route, that is just a spline that the vehicle follows.

The game starts and you get into the car. The car has a computer screen with this menu on it. The main menu will have 2 buttons so far (Platforms button and Exit Vehicle button).

Pressing both of these buttons is pretty straight forward. Exit Vehicle will exit the vehicle and respawn the player with no problems and the Platforms button will play an animation making the Platform 1,2,3,4 come into view below the Platforms button (making Platforms button the header so to speak and exit vehicles button moves down to meet the back button that also comes into view).

Now here’s the tricky bit. Here is how I was going to do it but am now hoping for a better solution. Vehicle blueprint has 4 boolean variables named Platform 1,2,3,4 and when Platform 1 button is pressed the Platform 1 boolean variable becomes true. Which i then want to show another screen within this screen showing all the different routes you can take to get to platform 1 and so forth for the other platform buttons.

another tricky bit. Say you’re at platform 1 and you want to go to platform 2. So you press platform 2 and it shows routes to platform 2. But I only want it to show routes from platform 1 to 2 and dont want it showing routes from platform 3 or 4 going to platform 2.

now for the question, Is there any modular widget tutorials I could follow to set this kind of thing up? Maybe by using automatic resizing boxes based on its contents?

Any tips or vids I can watch about this kind of thing?

Mmh, not exactly what I had in mind. I need something more complex than that. Like using widget switching or something similar depending on what button is pressed showing routes for each button.

Fair enough…

If I come across something more advanced, I’ll let you know :slight_smile: