Adding an other mesh to the player character so the weapon won't intersect with walls

But the mesh is overlapping with the wall anyways.

This is the character :

And this is what happening :

Is there anyway to make this mesh to take part in the player’s collision ?

Do you have collision set up properly?

Yep, tried it several times.

Child components cannot drive the physics of the root component; the capsule’s collision data takes precedence and the system won’t even consider the weapon’s collision data when moving it.

There’s actually good reason for this; the shape of a capsule enables certain assumptions to be made about how it moves. For example, a capsule can ALWAYS rotate in place; an extended mesh prevents this. How would control rotation be handled in your case, if the player tried to swing around 180° and the wall blocked him at a part of that turn?

Basically you need to widen the player’s collision capsule, or else use overlap events fired by the weapon collision geometry to manually shove the player back so he doesn’t go through the wall.

Thanks, i was thinking of that option but didn’t want to go there if there is a simple fix for it, but now i know i have to.