Adding an ios framework with a bundle


I am trying to add an IOS library which contains a bundle with required files to my project. Other IOS libs work fine, when added via build.cs of my module, but i see no good way of adding a bundle. While searching throgh unreal build tool i found a PublicAdditionalBundleResources, which seems to work similarly to PublicAdditionalLibraries, which i use, but trying to use it throws an " does not exist in the current context ".

Anyone had any luck adding bundles to their IOS projects on Windows?

Hey Zimo,

If you have a look at TapJoy plugin it should help guide you. This may be experimental however, we havent added many public frameworks ourselves just yet.

You can find this in the build cs here:


Hey, thanks for the answer. I’m trying to do it like TapJoy, but when compiling i get “couldn’t find required additional file to shadow”. I tried adding the framework to public additional shadow files ( even thought tapjoy doesn’t do it), and still the same result.

Hi again. I managed to make it work like Tapjoy did. Shadow files error was caused by some path problems.

Thanks for the help!

happy to help :slight_smile: