Adding an Input Trigger to a data list

I have a design that doesn’t fit Unreal.

I need to hold a button down, and use 8 directional left-stick movement to trigger actions; and when released, I need the game to give output from the input buffer.

Right now I’m using a premade template; and when I look at my input options, my options look prohibiting.

What can I do?

Is this like a combo or a memory sequence?

Could you produce an example result for us? What would be the expected buffer output be?

SpaceBar(held down) followed by L,L,U,D,R


If the space button were held, the expected buffer output would be different returns while on Held and while on Released.

While on held, holding the space bar and pressing directions in any of the 8 directional inputs should produce an output at the axis extremes. With three buttons, I have designed a high, mid and low system that has an auto-combo system built onto the 4 diagonal corners that differ between jabs (up diagonals) and hooks (down diagonals.)

#Presently, the template I'm using only produces results on release.

[Edit] I’m applying a quote in case you or other readers return to view this. I’m cutting this feature. I just can and it does no harm.

While released, the output process would read the input buffer. In a perfect world, when reading the diagonal motions, the diagonal motion of combined buttons would be read differently from their cardinal direction counterparts.

#Presently, I can’t use diagonal at all. The controls list only offers up, down, left and right.

With my last edit, I would like to pack on a question. Are diagonals handled in the buffer?