Adding AI Character

OK, I know there are tons of tutorials on how to add a AI Character but most use the 3rd Person Template. Which works, but I need the FPS Template. I have been out of game design for a while and need to re-learn blueprints for characters, I mainly worked on vehicles.

When creating AI bots in the FPS Template, the animations are not working or the characters are standing off the surface.

I can however, create a AIBot in the 3rd person template, drag it to the FPS Template and everything works, but the animations are broken, even if I bring them over as well. When I move the player with the BT tree there is no animation, just stiff player. (Edit: Animation Starter Pack states not compatible with 4.27.X)

Currently I am using the 3rd Person Template, and planning to bring in the arms mesh from the FPS template and then see if the animations are still working and start my BT.

Has anyone else run across this? I would think the FPS and the 3rd Person Templates would have at least a AI character for placing without a BT just to get started and modify.

Is there a good tutorial that takes the FPS Template and creates a good AI Character that I have overlooked, including setting up the animation? Or does anyone see a problem continuing with the way I am going and simply re-create my controlled pawn in the 3rd person template.

Things are popping back in my head, but still fuzzy on the character/animation BT connection for basic movements.

Actually may have found my solution. I never knew there was an add content from the content browser window that allowed adding the starter content.

So I can start a FPS Template, then add the 3rd Person Content to it and change what I need to make it work. I hope.

Anyway for now looks like I may have a path to test/try and was what I was thinking.