Adding additional dependencies?

Hello, I am trying to get a Lua interpreter running inside Unreal Engine 4. I have built Lua 5.3.0 from source, placed it in Program Files, and can successfully access it from within a plain Visual Studio 2013 C++ project.

Unfortunately, the options necessary to add these external dependencies (includes, headers, library) to the VS project are absent from my UE4 project. Trying to include Lua as I had done in my previous project fails for the obvious reason: it can not find the files.

How do I remedy this? I do not see any clear way to add external dependencies in the documentation.

Best bet would be to create a new module to house your library and then set it as a dependency of your game module or any others you want to consume the functionality in.
Take a look at Engine/Source/Thirdparty/Oculus/LibOVR for an example of the .cs file/build script you need to use to set it up as a module, You can then use
or similar to add it as a dependency of your module.