Adding additional button to my workbench?

Is there anyone who could tell me how to add an additional button to my workbench, that will be connected to a new widget ui, that will show the info I want on it?
I’ve seen tuts on creating UI widget, that can show off what I want, but as different servers might use mods that do the same, it’s better to add it to a button on my workbench.
S+ mods have this button, and it’s like that I would love to be able to do…

Could anyone help me out on this matter?
I’ve added alot of new things to my mods, and as we all know, only a that much people check out the mods on steam pages, and will then not know what is in that mod… Adding the info to the button give all a chance to get updated…
I can’t seem to find how the inventory page are presented when I click E or F on my workbench to access the inventory …


look this video, is a good tutorial for multiuse radial menu:

That one add to the radial menu … I want an extra button on my workbench … like the ones craft, repair and such

u do it with that same script that the video shows