Adding Actor to Character Actor


have created a sword with some functions as a “actor”, i need it to create a collision on it, to communicate with my damage interface and system.

The weapon works and do damage on overlap.

But i cant attach the actor with function, to my character actor… if i do this and use a socket on it, the weapon drops or fly away from the character.

I cant add a collision box to a skeletal or static mash with damage on overlap :frowning:

There is no blueprint on skeletal and static objects, to work with them.

How can i fix this issue?

Silly question but do you have physics enabled on your weapon ?

Post bp, you probably making mistake somewhere. Imo you attaching weapon to non-existing socket (bad name?) Or wrong relative/world rule.

I found a new way to fix this issue by “AddActorFromClass”, now i can spawn the Actor (Static Mesh with collision) and attach this to the Actor (Monster or Player) in the right socket :slight_smile: