Adding a Train to a MOD project in unreal engine

I been learning to make mods for the game I play. and I put together my 1st mod. The reason for it that the trains in game cost too much to build and so I wanted something cheaper to run until I can a ford to build the trains that come with the game. the game is called Satisfactory and I use the Wwise Launcher for mod making. The idea behind it was not adding a train. Minecarts and would get pulled from an engine. I was wondering is anyone has tried this or may have something like this that works. I am new to the unreal engine and learning every day.

I just can’t believe that no want’s to or will help, Not even BP classes to get me started. Started having 2nd thoughts on this game.

Esp when this is engine forum not Satisfactory forum, You are in wrong place and at wrong time (like end of year, nobody is modding now).

Thanks. I fount the modding forum and they have been some what helpful.

Here, I found something for you.
I hope it helps!

Tell me whether it helps or not?