Adding a Third Party Library error

Hello, everyone!

Adding the third party to the simple console application works well while adding it to Unreal Engine produces compilation errors:

  • error C4589: Constructor of abstract class ‘CCCoreLib::GenericIndexedCloudPersist’ ignores initializer for virtual base class
  • note: virtual base classes are only initialized by the most-derived type

Steps done:

  1. Compiled Trird Party Library: CCCoreLib

  2. Modified .Build.cs file of UE project:

        PublicAdditionalLibraries.Add(Path.Combine(ThirdPartyPath, "CCCoreLibInstallFolder/lib/CCCoreLib.lib"));        
        PublicIncludePaths.Add(Path.Combine(ThirdPartyPath, "CCCoreLibInstallFolder/include/CCCoreLib"));
  3. Included header from this lib to my actor:

        #include "PointCloud.h"   
  4. Compilation fails with above errors

Help me please to understand the errors reason and to add this library to UE.

I appreciate any help you can provide