Adding a third attack, shows montage, but does not attack?

I’m trying to add a third attack to my wolf, where he will do an montage, and then spawn smaller wolves
My issue here is that the wolf does the attack montage, but will not spawn the wolves.
I’ve checked broodmothers way, and tried to use the same approach, but whatever I do, he will not spawn additional wolves.
Anyone know what this can be? There is nothing in the Graph on Broodmother that state the spawning of minions, only in the attack segment…

I tried messing with attack states awhile ago and could never get them to work. Luckily you have 2 other options. “BPAnim Notify” and “BPDo Attack”
You can use either one to trigger your code when that particular animation plays

only thing i noticed in regards to broodmother when trying to do the same with a bird was there was a tick on something like “don’t actually give poop”, yet setting it true only stopped my bird from dropping poop in rows, it never spawned the minions, not even the spiders unchanged :frowning: it think i saw it on the ark comes alive mod no idea how he did it :slight_smile:

Thanks both of you… @P0k3r is it possible to use BPDo attack 2 times in the same graph, and link them to 2 different indexes?? I tried this but I couldn’t get it to work, that might be me ******** up, as all I can do is to follow tuts on it…
I still don’t understand Graph, I understand a tiny bit of it only … and keep running to my safezone corner when Graph is opened lol … but following the tut on YT, I have it working on my Dimo …
on my wolf, I would need to use it twice if that is possible…

Sure, just add another “=Integer” and a branch coming off the false of the first branch. Or you can use a switch on int.

Thank you so much p0k3r