Adding a temporary "blocking volume" effect to a level dynamically

Hello everyone,

In my current project, I’m making a grid/tile based game with characters that can move from tile to tile. My current hang up is when a character tries to move to a tile when another character is blocking his path. The moving character essentially just runs into the other character and gets caught on him. I’m really open to any solution that can eliminate this problem, but what I have been trying to do is handle it on my “tile” blueprint class. I wish I could just put a blocking volume on the components list for the tile and turn it off and on whenever a character moved in or out of the tile, but I can’t get that working. Blocking volumes themselves can’t be used as components in a blueprint, and my attempt at making a box component with invisible wall collision presets didn’t turn out well. Even if I could simulate the blocking volume effect, I’d need to be able to make it “hollow” like you can with the blocking volume itself, which again, I can’t figure out how to do. Does anyone have any experience with any of this, or at the very least - with preventing an AI bot from running straight into other characters? I haven’t found any type of solution for that problem in general.